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Workforce Development Career Pathways Programs

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Skill Building, Apprenticeships and Internships, On-the-Job Training

Restore Healthcare Medical Group has a full-service STEM Workforce Development Apprentice Job Training Program.  With more than 20 years of human capital and workplace training experience, we pride ourselves as a client-focused solutions provider with a full spectrum of job readiness services. 


Restore Healthcare Medical Group is a Department of Labor and Veteran Affairs Registered Apprentice.  That means, our workforce development programs mimic real world experiences on the job such as deadlines and accountability.  The programs are customized to job specifics length terms depending on industries and job requirement. Work experience is built into the on the job training.  Customized and supported employment is available if needed.​

What Is Workforce Development?

Workforce development is an essential process for organizations that want to cultivate a top-quality workforce.  Workforce development works by preparing workers with the skills necessary for a specific type of job. It prioritizes the value of ongoing workplace education and skills development, as well as addresses the hiring demands of employers. 


What are the benefits of Workforce Development? 

There are two main benefits of workforce development. The first is that it provides individuals with the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes that result in improved work performance or gainful employment. The second benefit of workforce development is that it provides employers with an effective method to communicate, share, and meet their demand for skills.

Become a Host Employer

At Restore Healthcare Medical Group, we believe in maximizing community partnerships and collaborative opportunities to enhance economic stability for transitioning youths at-risk, low-skilled workers, and military veterans in need of support services and job readiness skills for employment.  Workforce development and on-the-job training help to create a culture of learning and constructive attitudes that builds a workforce's tangible and intangible abilities and provides workers a skilled trade career. 

Help us with our goal of health equity and socio-economic upward mobility by employing a student or participating as a Host Employer in Restore Healthcare Medical Group’s Career Pathways Program. 


Restore Healthcare Medical Group is a Department of Labor Pre-Apprentice and Apprenticeship Registered Apprentice. We use a proven evidence-based practice to career development and job placement.  Our practice is based on job readiness and supportive solutions to ensure that we hire the right people for the right jobs, while providing them with the support they need to succeed in a long-term permanent job with benefits and competitive wages. 


Workforce development is much more in depth than job training, which offers only specific tools necessary to do the job a person was hired for.  It is customized to both needs of the job seeker as well as the employer.

What is Work-based Learning? 

  • Improvement of skills necessary to a job or a trade

  • Managerial processes

  • Instilling proficiencies needed to ensure employees can help their organization/industry succeed

  • Social supportive and wrap around services to ensure the needs of the job seeker are met

  • Leadership training

  • How to succeed in companies and adapt to their workplace cultures

  • Customer service skills not taught in most colleges, universities, or schools

  • Financial literacy and workshops

  • Workplace coaching and mentorship

  • Start-up Business Resource Assistance

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