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Apart of the talent acquisition and reskilling approach is Restore Healthcare Medical Group's Career Pathways Work Readiness Program.  The individualized program may undertake a Vocational Profile. This means they will talk with you to help them better:

  • Identify your job preferences

  • Advise you on suitable types of jobs

  • Understand any learning needs

  • Identify any existing individual skills

  • Build on previous work experiences


Restore Healthcare Medical Group's Work Readiness Program can also help with:

  • Providing an assigned Job Specialist to assist you with discovering your potential career choices, negotiate on your behalf, job train, and ensure that supportive job services are provided for employment success

  • Assisting you with job creation, career development, and job placement

  • Assisting you with attaining employment of choice, self-employment, and creating a job that is tailored to you

  • Connecting you to resources such as housing, advocacy services, job training institutions and workforce development programs

  • Contacting employers and finding work opportunities that meet your individual needs and interests

  • Filling in job applications and writing covering letters

  • Advice on making health conditions known to an employer

  • Help explaining periods of unemployment

  • Help explaining convictions to employers

  • Writing a new resume or updating one you already have

  • Supporting you and employers to find suitable recruitment methods

  • Supporting you during the recruitment & selection process (including interview techniques)

  • Helping you decide on suitable job goals

  • Supporting you and employers with Job Coaching so that you can learn the skills needed for the job while already working

  • Support with work related training

  • Provide ongoing support when you are in employment or on a placement to help resolve problems that might be experienced in the workplace


MBE, SBE, WBE, DBE, & HUB Certified Company


The advantages of partnering with Restore Healthcare Medical Group lie in our experience within the medical and government industry as well as our unique ability to provide qualified personnel across the entire healthcare industry.  By partnering with us, your organization will experience the following advantages:

​·     Upskill and Reskilling – Reskilling and Upskilling provide opportunities for Employers to help Employees grow within their organizations while maintaining a stable workforce in this ever changing business environment


·     Nationwide Resources – Your organization will benefit from our experience in doing business nationally.


·     Scalable Services – Restore Healthcare Medical Group can tailor our services to meet the specific requirements to meet each need.

 ·     Government Expertise – Our Team understands the processes and challenges of state and federal government healthcare facilities.  We have the knowledge and experience to help your organization succeed in this complex market.


·     Operational Efficiencies – Our ability to rapidly manage a range of governmental regulation changes are benefits to our clients.  You benefit from our market knowledge and the individual attention of a small business.

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