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People with physical or cognitive limitations, mental health, and substance abuse diagnosis often need employment support services to maintain long-term permanent employment.  Restore Healthcare Medical Group is a vastly experienced organization when it comes to on-the-job support and vocational counseling.  We partner with our clients to ensure that we provide the best employment plan to ensure success for both the client and the employer.  Our vocational counseling service focuses on individualized career development, including career exploration, academic goals, and vocational alternatives. We work with you to examine your interests, abilities, and objectives, as well as your functional limitations and compensatory strategies.


Restore Healthcare’s Vocational Counselors can also contact employers as clients prepare to return to a job; provide referrals to the state vocational rehabilitation agency, other service organizations, and disability services at colleges and trade or vocational schools; and identify and coordinate access to other outside resources.

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Job Interview


Restore Healthcare Medical Group Work Readiness and Job Coaching Services are modeled after on-the-job training programs that teach participants work behaviors and job skills in actual workplace settings. Participants receive supervised training and gain real work experience while refining their job performance and skills.

​Throughout the program, participants meet weekly with a rehabilitation counselor to address work- and training-related issues. The counselor monitors the participant’s progress and provides job coaching as needed. Patients who complete the program may either get placed in a job or be referred to an occupational skills training school or an academic program.

Our vocational rehabilitation experts maintain an extensive Business Advisory Committee and employer network made up of more than 60 organizations from the corporate, nonprofit, government, healthcare, and education sectors. 


Workplace Readiness and Job Placement Assistance

Customized Employment Services

Supported Employment Services

Job Coaching and Readiness Training

Veteran Readiness & Employment (VR&E)

2nd Chance Post Employment Services

Career Exploration and Job Carving

Social/Interpersonal Skills Training

Resume Writing and Job Search Assistance

Cognitive Support Services

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Workforce Development and Work based Learning

Case Management and Social Services

Independent Living Training

Financial Literacy

Assistive Technology

Job Development Services

Youth to Adults Transitional Services

B3 Services


Benefits of a Business Advisory Committee

Restore Healthcare Medical Group’s committee meetings offer a chance for job-ready candidates to meet and network with potential employers to build relationships that can lead to job interviews, internships, advice and information, and mentoring opportunities.

  • Ongoing partnership and support

  • Goal directed employment plan.

  • Supported Employment


Benefits of partnering with Restore Healthcare Medical Group.

  • Gives you the ability to focus on your company’s core functions

  • Improves personnel support and dependable staff

  • Allows you to streamline processes

  • Helps you to meet your project goals without the hassle of finding skilled workers.

  • Lowers employee and company costs


Talent Acquisition 

​Our Team brings more than 20 years of industry experience.  We are keenly aware of the smallest details of our clients and safeguard the well-being of each client.  Our proprietary screen process only approves the most professional, experienced, and proven staff.  The experience of our Team allows us to understand streamline processes, technology, safety regulatory requirements, employment laws and industry market trends. 

Strategic Consulting

​With over 20 years of medical employer services, rehabilitative care and consulting experience, Restore Healthcare Medical Group has been providing our clients with effective support through goal-directed planning, quality performance, timely deliverables, and cost-effective cost control. 


Flexible Solutions

​Restore Healthcare Medical Group offers a full suite of employer services to meet short-term and long-term company needs of large and small-size companies.  You will have access to our highly qualified team of professionals and with the resources that you might not otherwise have access to.

Dedicated Account Managers

​Our clients receive an Account Manager that will manage your service plans from start to finish.  Any questions you have regarding your employees, will be directed to your Account Manager who can give you a direct answer.  As a corporate partner, we provide a host of HR support services to effectively manage risk mitigation responsibilities and return to work services as well. 


MBE, SBE, WBE, DBE, & HUB Certified Company


The advantages of partnering with Restore Healthcare Medical Group lie in our experience within the healthcare and government industry as well as our unique ability to provide qualified personnel across the entire healthcare industry.  By partnering with us, your organization will experience the following advantages:

​·     Upskill and Reskilling – Reskilling and Upskilling provide opportunities for Employers to help Employees grow within their organizations while maintaining a stable workforce in this ever changing business environment

·     Nationwide Resources – Your organization will benefit from our experience in doing business nationally.

·     Scalable Services – Restore Healthcare Medical Group can tailor our services to meet the specific requirements to meet each need.

 ·     Government Expertise – Our Team understands the processes and challenges of state and federal government healthcare facilities.  We have the knowledge and experience to help your organization succeed in this complex market.

·     Operational Efficiencies – Our ability to rapidly manage a range of governmental regulation changes are benefits to our clients.  You benefit from our market knowledge and the individual attention of a small business.

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