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Restore Healthcare Medical Group is a certified woman-owned small business that specializes in workforce management solutions and strategic staffing.  The company has a network of Professional Personnel that are licensed and certified in a variety of vocational rehabilitation, mental healthcare, and return-to-work staffing strategies.  With more than two-decades of industry knowledge, they have been providing their clients with effective support through goal-directed planning, quality performance, timely deliverables, and leadership. 


The company focus rests in designing health and safety programs, work-readiness employee development, cognitive and behavioral healthcare, and staffing solutions.  As a corporate partner, they provide a host of services to effectively manage risk mitigating responsibilities.  Restore Healthcare Medical Group knows what it means to partner with the right medical company, so their clients receive an Account Manager that will manage your relationship from start to finish.  Any questions you have regarding your employees, will be directed to your Account Manager who can give you a direct answer.


We are guided by our core values to deliver on our mission by building long-term relationships out of reliability, honesty, and capability.


Mission:  To provide professional quality care, build creative and diverse teams, bring innovation to every client.  To make a positive impact in our communities where we live and work. 

Vision:  To be a national leader of Work Readiness and Strategic Staffing Solutions. To be a leader of STEM apprenticeships.

Goal:  We have a simple goal.  Make partnering with us easy; Transform lives by not excluding the disabled diagnosis; To Encourage, Empower, and Promote economic stability.

Core Values:  Build long-term relationships out of reliability, honesty, and capability. 




Restore Healthcare Medical Group is 100% privately held certified woman owned company.  We are professionally certified, hold several licensures, and bring more than 20 years of industry experience within the healthcare and vocational rehabilitation sectors.


Restore Healthcare Medical Group Corporate Citizenship
Restore Healthcare Medical Group is a community focused organization.  We believe that businesses have the power to inspire and transform.  To make an impact that matters, we focus on education, giving, skill-based volunteerism, and leadership to help drive positive social impact in our communities.

Learn more about our community partnerships and collaborative opportunities through economic development to provide services for individuals and their families.  Help us with our goals of health equity and economic mobility.

Speak with a Representative and give us a call today!

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